LLC WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA” developed and scientifically justified the concept of supports of the new technical level (NTL), which include supports of the first technical level: tent ones – КШПУ-М, circular-linear ones – КЦЛ, polygonal ones – КПП, and the supports of the second technical level are: ovoid 2-radius – КМП-А3(А4)Р2, ovoid 3-radius – КМП-А3(А5)Р3 and circular-linear-ovoid – КЦЛО; as well as special-purpose supports (ring КМК, convex-triangular КВТ, supports of cuts АПКР, coupling supports KC). All these supports are patented and provided with a set of regulatory documents.
The Center also provides specialized services: assessment of mining and geological conditions, selection of the most effective constructions of supports, organization of underground mining and mechanical monitoring of the work of the supports, calculation of the economic effect of the implementation of the supports. At the same time, our company, at the request of customers, has the opportunity to produce traditional AП supports, as well as to develop and fabricate any metal structures of the curved СВП profile according to the individual design.