LLC WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA” produces mine supports of the profile of СВП according to GOST 18662-83:

New СПА special profile

Studies and operational experience show that both the construction of traditional supports and the special profile of which they are made do not correspond to the complex conditions of mining operations. Therefore WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA” created a new highly effective СПА steel profile (Figure 4).

Fig. 4. СПА profile а – cross-section, b – general view; 1 – bottom, 2 – side walls, 3 – flanges

The principal difference and advantage of the СПА profile is the possibility of using the principle of friction in the trough over the surfaces of the “protrusion-hollow”, while in the СВП profile – over the plane of the walls, which increases the working resistance of the support by 35-50%.

The standard size range of the СПА profile (21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39 kg/m) has been increased in comparison with the СВП profile (22, 27, 33 kg/m), which significantly improves the multivariance of its application and the possibility of increasing the section of mine workings, with a decrease in their metal consumption.

The consumer properties of the СПА special profile are estimated by the results of power characteristics: it is established that with an increase in the sectional area of ​​the support, the degree of exceeding of the bearing ability of the СПА profile increases according to the hyperbolic law over the СВП profile (Fig.5).

Fig. 5. The ultimate bearing ability of the set of support (Pп), depending on the section of workings (S)


The developed СПА special profile according to its technical characteristics meets the world requirements, and by the most important indicators it surpasses the best foreign analogues. The new profile differs from the known domestic (СВП, КГВ) and foreign (KS/K02, V21-V36, TH) ones by increased strength characteristics (in 3.6-4.0 times) and the moments of resistance to the bending deformations (in 1.4-1,6 times), and according to the total parameters the СПА exceeds them by 16-20% per unit mass, has no analogues in world practice we offer a unique innovative product for realization.

WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA” invites the interested organizations to implement a project on development and production of СПА special profile on a license basis.