About us

THE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY “WEST-DONBASS RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CENTER “GEOMECHANIKA” has been operating in the market of production of metal frame supports since 1993.

The main activity is the creation and production of supports of the new technical level for the fastening, maintenance and exploitation of mine workings in difficult mining and geological conditions, at great depths of coal and ore deposits. We produce shaft support from the special profile of SVP-22, SVP-27 and SVP-33 GOST 18662.

The founder of LLC WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA” V.Ya.Kirichenko (1993) – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, was awarded the P.L. Kapitsa Gold Medal for scientific discovery №188.

Purpose: scientific substantiation, development, production and introduction of new technical level in the mines of metal frame supports for fastening and supporting of mine workings in difficult mining and geological conditions and at great depths of development.

The main technical task: the creation of resource-saving fasteners with high deformation-strength characteristics, which ensure effective and safe maintenance of mine workings.

The main task of marketing works: development of new products and expansion of the sales market of supports for domestic and foreign coal and ore mines; products export abroad.

The main economic task: to provide high technical and economic indicators of production and exploitation of mine supports for effective use by mines-consumers.

The long-term strategy of technical policy: the proposal of a competitive new science-intensive products of enhanced quality in the field of fastening of mine workings, an investment mechanism for domestic and foreign partners.

Characteristics of manufacture

The equipment of the plant WDRPC “Geomechanika” represents a flexible production base for providing high-precision production of metal frame supports of various configurations and sizes, section from 7,2 m2 до 25,5 m2 .

The production of metal supports is carried out in the areas and on equipment of WDRPC “GEOMECHANIKA”, which includes a territory (with an area of 1.63 hectares) with access railways and motor roads, administrative buildings, manufacturing halls with cranes, machines for the production of supports, auxiliary equipment and mechanisms, allowing to maintain the production base, as well as the quality of the products at a high level. Currently, LLC WDRPC “Geomechanika” developer and serial manufacturer of kreps . All personnel have the appropriate qualifications, training and work experience.

It should be noted the foreign technology of matrix pressing, which allows high-quality and efficient bending of the support segments of any configuration and variable curvature, first implemented in the domestic practice, which allowed the manufacturing of kreps of the new technical level, as well as the manufacturing of the products according to the customer’s drawings.